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JMock – Lessons learned

  • Expectations are asserted after the run of each test method
  • Expectations are additive, so remember to call mock.reset() if you are planning to set a new expectation in each test method
  • If u r using JUnit 4 and above then you no need to extend from MockObjectTestCase. You can use @RunWith(JMock.class). But that means we can not use other JUnit 4 runners like @RunWith(Parameterized.class). You can look into XJ4 (extensions for JUnit 4) project @ http://code.google.com/p/peachjean/wiki/XJ4 to see how it can help
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JMock – mocking the same interface multiple times

A subject can have multiple addresses which i wanted to mock. but the below attempt throws the fololwing error
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: a mock with name tokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress already exists

UnitedKingdomConsumerSubject primarySubj = context.mock(UnitedKingdomConsumerSubject.class);
TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress currAddr = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class);
TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress prevAddr = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class);
TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress prevAddr2 = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class);
primarySubj.setAddress(CURRENT, currAddr);
primarySubj.setAddress(FORMER, prevAddr);
primarySubj.setAddress(SECOND_FORMER, prevAddr2);

Seems like we have to use the overloaded method public T mock(Class typeToMock, String name). So the below fixed the error

TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress currAddr = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class, "current address");
TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress prevAddr = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class, "former address");
TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress prevAddr2 = context.mock(TokenizedUnitedKingdomAddress.class, "2nd former address"
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